Sunday, February 23, 2014


This morning I flew back to London for school.  I know what you're thinking.. fly? Yes, my  mom spoiled me with a plane ticket for the last trip I'll be making back to school for this school year.  It takes just an hour and a half for the plane whereas it can take 7 to 10 hours on the Greyhound bus or VIA train (because we always have to stop and transfer in Toronto).  The plane was a cute little 37-seater that was very cozy. 
 I got to the airport about an hour before the plane departed but I still always have that panic attack that I'm not going to make it through security in time. This picture of the line doesn't do it any justice, it was waaaay longer! Thankfully it moved speedily along and going through security was a breeze. I guess I don't look too offensive which is good. 
 All around the airport the screens were set to the Olympic men's hockey finals! It was so great to see all the Canadian price around the gold medal game :)
 Unfortunately, my plane was set to leave at 8:20am so I missed the better part of the game (it had started at 7am but ended around 9:30 when I was in-flight).  The pilot came on the radio, though, to let us know that Canada has won the gold medal with a score of 3-0 over the Sweden team.  The whole cabin cheered which was priceless!
 Before I knew it, we were back on the ground.  Oh how I missed you, London.  London always seems to have warmer weather than back at home and it was noticeable today.

You know that feeling you get when waiting for your bags to come, and you just wonder if your suitcase got lost in transition? Well I certainly got that today! I bought a new suitcase over the break and had a forgetful moment so I was expecting a bright blue case instead of dark purple.  It didn't help that it was the last to come down the belt.  Thankfully, crisis was averted and I grabbed my beloved belongings.
It was only 10am but I was already ready for lunch since I'd eaten breakfast before the sun came up in my brother's truck on the way to the airport.  Overnight oats, you are my favourite breakfast! Today, I'd flavoured them with my mom's Isagenix French Vanilla Shake powder and I think I need to do that more often.  I have a canister of that flavour here at my rental in London so I think you know what my breakfast will be for the next little while.

Well, I must get to the grocery store now since my cupboard space and fridge space is empty in comparison to my roommates who didn't go home for the break.  All I have are egg whites in the fridge.  Let's hope I don't buy too much that I can't carry it all home!

Have you ever flown on a tiny plane?

 Are you an overnight oats fan? How do you usually flavour them? I typically soak my oats overnight but add egg whites and almonds in the morning and then microwave for a few minutes.  Cinnamon and ginger are my typical spices to add, but my favourite addition is canned pumpkin if I have any.

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