Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reading Week, Don't End

I'm not psyched up whatsoever to go back to school yet. Thanks to Easter being celebrated late this year (April 20th), I won't get another holiday break during the rest of the school year so it's the final stretch of my third year. I also have a midterm on Friday, February 28th in my Taxation class which will be a joy to write.. Or not. I'm thinking not. 

I think I've been pretty spoiled while I've been at home too which might add to the resistance. We've never been a family to eat out at restaurants frequently but we have really expanded our foodie experiences over the week! Today's treat was The Heirloom Cafe Bistro on the Main Street. 

It was a cute, artistic setting with incredible food. I had a pesto chicken and grilled eggplant panini with salad and soups on the side. Honestly have never tried such a phenomenal sandwich! I even asked to have them snap a picture of my mom and I together since I will be leaving tomorrow and miss her. We have such similar tastes so I know this is just a start to our culinary experiences :)

Here's a handwritten note we saw on Friday in the window of one of the trinket shops. It was the semi-final men's hockey game being aired on TV with the United States playing Canada. Intense rivalry there!! Thankfully, we were heading home right then so we didn't miss much of the game either. I love being from a small town where the stores can feel free to close up for such cute purposes.  The best part is that this wasn't the only sign around town that day

Are you from a small town, or city? As much as I love the small town life, I can see myself living the rest of my life in a city like Toronto!

Are you a soup or a salad person when asked as to which side you'd like? Usually soup but the odd time I go for the greens.

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