Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let's get this amateur looking... Less amateur!

First running post 👟🏃

I've been a dedicated daily runner for more than three years, but I've always thought my running gear has much to be desired.  At one time, I have either 1 or 2 good pairs of running shoes and less-than-technical apparel.  However, this hasn't stopped me from tracking 3-7 miles daily in any weather than Ontario has thrown at me! Outdoor miles beat treadmill miles (almost) anyday. Unless it's those mornings when it feels like -35 degrees Celsius with the wind chill!

So, my current footwear are in desperate need of an upgrade. When I get back to London in a week for school, I'll visit the Running Room and hopefully find my footwear match made in heaven.  As for now, I log my miles with the Nike+ Moto 9s but I haven't been impressed with these shoes.  When I purchased them, it was from a big-box sporting store and the employee was not very knowledgeable in the detailed aspects of a running shoes.  So I have felt that they are too wide for my feet but I've been making do. 

I would love your input on which shoes you have loved and why.  I'm a pretty typical runner with middle to high arches and no pronation.  Mizuno's seem pretty attractive to me currently since I am a regular reader of Christina and Krysten's blogs.

In addition to footwear, I've just finally bought my first "running jacket".  Before, I was wearing a bright red rain coat which was waterproof and windproof, but not breathable at all.  Most days this was okay, but when I miscalculated how warm it was some mornings, I'd overheat in an instant. I have a full range of accessories which I wear based on the weather, such as balaclava, headband, neckwarmer, high socks, thermal leggings, and shorts but it has taken years to build my wardrobe. 

I still have a few things on my wishlist though! Next up, GPS watch. I can't decide between the Garmin Forerunner 10, Nike + GPS Watch, and the Timex Run Trainer.  I could easily be convinced to spend a bit more for a more advanced model also if someone was to explain the added benefits! I've surely done my fair share of research but I am still indecisive as ever.  As it stands, I am leaning towards the Garmin which comes in all sorts of fun colours but I think I'd stick to buying the black one because I'd like something neutral to wear when I'm not out running as well.

Now for the questions...

How essential is a GPS watch to your running? Which model do you have?

What's your favourite brand of running shoe? 

When did you start to love running? I'm in third year of my undergraduate and have been a consistent runner for 3 years now.  I want to make a half-marathon goal in 2014!  

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