Monday, February 17, 2014

Reading Week Post #1

I wish I had more time to be a blogger! I am confident that when I graduate from university, I will keep up this blog as a way to connect with my family across the country and any other interested readers.

For now, I can practice my blogging skills since I am on reading week break from school! It's Family Day in Ontario which means my whole family had the day off from work and we had some fun planned.  The weather was calling for cold but sunny so we didn't shy away from outdoorsy activities! Seeing as this winter has been brutally cold for the months of December until now, -20 degrees Celsius with the windchill didn't even phase us.  All it takes is some thermal pants underneath the jeans and I am happy!

To start off the morning, I layered-up and went for a 6-mile run.

It was cold! But something about running around my old stomping ground while I'm back at home for the week was really exciting so I felt like I could have kept on going.

As soon as I got back, a warm shower was a must.  Body temperature back to normal.  My brother, his girlfriend Jodie, my mom, and I were then ready to head to Fulton's Sugar Bush for some of the best pancakes and real maple syrup around :)
It's a fair drive into the country to get there but it is worth every kilometer.  It opened at 9am and since it is Family Day, we knew to go right for opening or else we'd be waiting a very long time for pancakes and waffles.
First Batch... yum!
A typical picture of my plate... (my brother made fun of me for this but he just doesn't understand that you all need to see these waffles and maple-infused beans). Of course, post-picture I slathered on the butter and drenched it in maple syrup.  They also have this maple mustard which I tried for the first time and now I know to get it EVERY TIME in the future. The whole meal was delicious and was a great refuel from my run!
The pancake house also offers maple-flavoured tea and a whole bunch of maple-flavoured treats.  On your way out, you get to look at all of the maple products they offer to take home in the maple shoppe too.
It was a great breakfast and I'm glad we got to do this on Family Day.  There was a definite sugar rush that hit me in the truck on the ride home.  This resulted in a rare selfie...
In just the 2 hours we were there, we saw so many familiar faces and struck up conversation with many friends.  It reminded me how nice it is to be from a small close-knit town since I tend to forget when I'm away at school in London.  I'll cherish this week at home for sure. 

Now to warm up at home watching the Olympics!!

Have you ever been to an old-fashioned pancake house?

Are you from a small town?

What did you do today?

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