Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, my mom and I spent the day spending money! Aren't those the best days?

Since I found out in January that I got my coveted accounting internship in Toronto this summer, I knew that I needed to build on my business wardrobe before the job began.  I had been to recruiting and networking events in increasing frequency since I started at Western University, but my closet still only had a few separate pieces of business formal clothes.  Somehow, my poor-fitting blazer didn't turn away the recruiters when I interviewed for my internship!

I got up to run just as it was getting light out.  Not sunny though, unfortunately, as it was a warm and snowy/rainy day.  It was especially nice to not wear so many layers to stay warm!

A few hours later, the two of us left the house to head into the city.  Unfortunately, you can't do a great deal of shopping in my small town of 4000 people, but Ottawa is a short trip away.
This dress from SmartSet was one of my favourite purchases of the day!

I also found amazing work clothes at H&M.  That's where the bulk of my shopping was done.  After a big dent in the VISA, I was pretty much mentally done shopping but not ready to head home.  So next we went to David's Tea... yumm.  I had Happy Kombucha to-go and my mom got Toasted Walnut.  (I have never found a tea that I don't like yet!)

I always try the samples and I don't think I am alone :)

We got lunch with our tea at Moxie's.  Sadly, we were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture but I promise you that my Red Pepper Bisque soup and Turkey Club looked as great as it tasted.  My mom got a Veggie Burger which you will soon learn is her favourite thing to order at any restaurant.

Our server's name was Taylor which my mom thought was a funny coincidence and therefore an excellent photo op.  I humoured her by taking a picture so why not share it with you all.  That meal was a delicious refuelling after a marathon day of shopping!

The rest of the day was uneventful though.  We got home, checked out our purchases, and just enjoyed the time to relax and caught up on the Olympics.

Are you fans of David's Tea? If so, which tea is your favourite?

Have you been watching the Olympics religiously? Suddenly, the Olympics come on and I am a fan of every single winter sport!

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