Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roll up the rim to.. lose

I'm not the luckiest individual when it comes to contests... even when the odds are 1 in 6 (Roll Up the Rim, I'm talking to you).  So this season, I vowed not to waste my valuable campus meal-plan dollars on Tim Horton's coffees when I can brew my own tea and coffee from my part-time work office on campus. 
Exhibit A: medium double double. However, I have stayed true to my vow because this was a free coffee!!! My friend came to accounting lecture with two coffees because the Tim Horton's employee had accidentally made his order wrong.  With all this good luck coming my way I thought.. may I'll roll up the rim to win a car. JUST KIDDING, a complimentary coffee was more than enough luck for the day.  Also, in order to accept this cup from him, my professor had me promise Fahad that he would get whatever my winnings happened to be :(
I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee, but double-double is a little too sweet for my liking so I couldn't wait to roll up the two rims. Hooray for the 50th anniversary of TH and having two spots to roll. 
And then... I got the all-too-familiar Please Play Again. 
I accepted my losses (or Fahad's for that matter) and went back to thinking about my accounting homework. 

After class, I went to work at my part-time job on campus.  It's truly the best job for students because it's so flexible with my school schedule and I never have to work weekends!

It was cold out so I had to put on my headband and mitts to make the short walk between buildings bearable.   Guess what? The headband in the picture I crafted by myself over reading week.  I've been getting some compliments on it which makes me a proud little knitter. 

Then, after my regular hours, I went home to do a bit of homework.  I wasn't very productive at all but at least I'm being honest, right? Later that night we had an event to go to that I had planned for my job.  It was the release party for our football season tickets and it was being held at the Lone Star Restaurant.  Can someone say free dinner? YUM. We invited all of our dedicated season ticket holders, sponsors, and the stars of the football team for a night of speeches and general fun.  Our beloved Yates Cup made an appearance and I couldn't believe how heavy it was.  That is why the picture is just of the trophy on the bar (I had tried to lift it but it was impossible). 





It was a late night returning home but I had a great time. That was my first time eating at the Lone Star but I was so impressed with the food and atmosphere that I'll for sure be going again!

P.S. My co-worker took more pictures than I did, so I will share them with you when they surface.

Have you ever been to a Lone Star Texas Grill or a restaurant like it? What's your favourite Texan-type food?

Do you like football and support a particular team?

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