Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can I finally say midterms are over?

It's been a while! I have been so tied up writing midterms for the past three weeks that I don't know where my time has gone. With my final ones being written last Monday (St Patty's Day, the shame), I can finally breath a sigh of relief!! But only for a few weeks until finals roll around.  I am in a dire need to go out and have some beers with friends this weekends, that's for sure.

Also, I was in need of some fresh produce and a fridge restock since studying for exams and my assignments left me little time for the necessities.  I also went to Bulk Barn and took advantage of student discount day (hooray for bargains!).   Other than my trip to the grocery store, it was a blah day outside so I just went to class, work, and home to finish off the fun. 
 I remembered to take a picture of my snack today.  It has not become a habit yet for me to show you all my meals and randomness for the day, but this picture is pretty remarkable; Rye bread toasted with a hard boiled egg sliced on top and some pepperNext time, though, I'm trying it with a soft-boiled egg which will hopefully be even more amazing.
Other fun things that have happened since I last posted include:
      This case competition that I went to! I am an accounting geek and I love the competition aspect. It was my first time going to one of these, but I will definitely sign up again.  This picture is the prize money that was awarded to the first place team (not my school, unfortunately).  I should fill you in, though. At an accounting case competition, you go with a team of approx. 4 people and compete against students, usually for awesome prizes! This was just a one-day competition where we were given the case when we got there and had two hours to analyze the issues and facts, and create a presentation with our solutions.  The two-hour time period flew by and, all of a sudden, we were required to present in front of the judges.  These judges were intense!  
      We didn't win the competition in the end, but it was a great learning experience and I got to practice my presentation skills - which could definitely use the practice.  The whole day was catered and this might have been my favourite part!! Just kidding, but I did eat some good food and met so many awesome students from other schools.  There were a few recruiters there, too.  So hopefully I charmed them with my networking skills and overall chatty attitude haha.
 Studying... how I spent the rest of the time since I've blogged.
 Oh, but I did go out one night! It was a needed stress-reliever and I had a great time at the western-themed bar in London.  These boots don't get much use here at school (in the city) as they did back home where cowboy boots were an absolute part of your "going out" attire.

 Well I hope to get back to more regular posting! Until then, I have made a mental note to take pictures of all the randomness I get myself into :)

What's your favourite way to have toast?

Do you have a country/western bar near you? 
We also have the Lone Star Texas Grill near us which is a fun restaurant famous for it's fajitas.  Mmm now I am craving fajitas.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roll up the rim to.. lose

I'm not the luckiest individual when it comes to contests... even when the odds are 1 in 6 (Roll Up the Rim, I'm talking to you).  So this season, I vowed not to waste my valuable campus meal-plan dollars on Tim Horton's coffees when I can brew my own tea and coffee from my part-time work office on campus. 
Exhibit A: medium double double. However, I have stayed true to my vow because this was a free coffee!!! My friend came to accounting lecture with two coffees because the Tim Horton's employee had accidentally made his order wrong.  With all this good luck coming my way I thought.. may I'll roll up the rim to win a car. JUST KIDDING, a complimentary coffee was more than enough luck for the day.  Also, in order to accept this cup from him, my professor had me promise Fahad that he would get whatever my winnings happened to be :(
I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee, but double-double is a little too sweet for my liking so I couldn't wait to roll up the two rims. Hooray for the 50th anniversary of TH and having two spots to roll. 
And then... I got the all-too-familiar Please Play Again. 
I accepted my losses (or Fahad's for that matter) and went back to thinking about my accounting homework. 

After class, I went to work at my part-time job on campus.  It's truly the best job for students because it's so flexible with my school schedule and I never have to work weekends!

It was cold out so I had to put on my headband and mitts to make the short walk between buildings bearable.   Guess what? The headband in the picture I crafted by myself over reading week.  I've been getting some compliments on it which makes me a proud little knitter. 

Then, after my regular hours, I went home to do a bit of homework.  I wasn't very productive at all but at least I'm being honest, right? Later that night we had an event to go to that I had planned for my job.  It was the release party for our football season tickets and it was being held at the Lone Star Restaurant.  Can someone say free dinner? YUM. We invited all of our dedicated season ticket holders, sponsors, and the stars of the football team for a night of speeches and general fun.  Our beloved Yates Cup made an appearance and I couldn't believe how heavy it was.  That is why the picture is just of the trophy on the bar (I had tried to lift it but it was impossible). 





It was a late night returning home but I had a great time. That was my first time eating at the Lone Star but I was so impressed with the food and atmosphere that I'll for sure be going again!

P.S. My co-worker took more pictures than I did, so I will share them with you when they surface.

Have you ever been to a Lone Star Texas Grill or a restaurant like it? What's your favourite Texan-type food?

Do you like football and support a particular team?

Sunday, February 23, 2014


This morning I flew back to London for school.  I know what you're thinking.. fly? Yes, my  mom spoiled me with a plane ticket for the last trip I'll be making back to school for this school year.  It takes just an hour and a half for the plane whereas it can take 7 to 10 hours on the Greyhound bus or VIA train (because we always have to stop and transfer in Toronto).  The plane was a cute little 37-seater that was very cozy. 
 I got to the airport about an hour before the plane departed but I still always have that panic attack that I'm not going to make it through security in time. This picture of the line doesn't do it any justice, it was waaaay longer! Thankfully it moved speedily along and going through security was a breeze. I guess I don't look too offensive which is good. 
 All around the airport the screens were set to the Olympic men's hockey finals! It was so great to see all the Canadian price around the gold medal game :)
 Unfortunately, my plane was set to leave at 8:20am so I missed the better part of the game (it had started at 7am but ended around 9:30 when I was in-flight).  The pilot came on the radio, though, to let us know that Canada has won the gold medal with a score of 3-0 over the Sweden team.  The whole cabin cheered which was priceless!
 Before I knew it, we were back on the ground.  Oh how I missed you, London.  London always seems to have warmer weather than back at home and it was noticeable today.

You know that feeling you get when waiting for your bags to come, and you just wonder if your suitcase got lost in transition? Well I certainly got that today! I bought a new suitcase over the break and had a forgetful moment so I was expecting a bright blue case instead of dark purple.  It didn't help that it was the last to come down the belt.  Thankfully, crisis was averted and I grabbed my beloved belongings.
It was only 10am but I was already ready for lunch since I'd eaten breakfast before the sun came up in my brother's truck on the way to the airport.  Overnight oats, you are my favourite breakfast! Today, I'd flavoured them with my mom's Isagenix French Vanilla Shake powder and I think I need to do that more often.  I have a canister of that flavour here at my rental in London so I think you know what my breakfast will be for the next little while.

Well, I must get to the grocery store now since my cupboard space and fridge space is empty in comparison to my roommates who didn't go home for the break.  All I have are egg whites in the fridge.  Let's hope I don't buy too much that I can't carry it all home!

Have you ever flown on a tiny plane?

 Are you an overnight oats fan? How do you usually flavour them? I typically soak my oats overnight but add egg whites and almonds in the morning and then microwave for a few minutes.  Cinnamon and ginger are my typical spices to add, but my favourite addition is canned pumpkin if I have any.

Reading Week, Don't End

I'm not psyched up whatsoever to go back to school yet. Thanks to Easter being celebrated late this year (April 20th), I won't get another holiday break during the rest of the school year so it's the final stretch of my third year. I also have a midterm on Friday, February 28th in my Taxation class which will be a joy to write.. Or not. I'm thinking not. 

I think I've been pretty spoiled while I've been at home too which might add to the resistance. We've never been a family to eat out at restaurants frequently but we have really expanded our foodie experiences over the week! Today's treat was The Heirloom Cafe Bistro on the Main Street. 

It was a cute, artistic setting with incredible food. I had a pesto chicken and grilled eggplant panini with salad and soups on the side. Honestly have never tried such a phenomenal sandwich! I even asked to have them snap a picture of my mom and I together since I will be leaving tomorrow and miss her. We have such similar tastes so I know this is just a start to our culinary experiences :)

Here's a handwritten note we saw on Friday in the window of one of the trinket shops. It was the semi-final men's hockey game being aired on TV with the United States playing Canada. Intense rivalry there!! Thankfully, we were heading home right then so we didn't miss much of the game either. I love being from a small town where the stores can feel free to close up for such cute purposes.  The best part is that this wasn't the only sign around town that day

Are you from a small town, or city? As much as I love the small town life, I can see myself living the rest of my life in a city like Toronto!

Are you a soup or a salad person when asked as to which side you'd like? Usually soup but the odd time I go for the greens.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, my mom and I spent the day spending money! Aren't those the best days?

Since I found out in January that I got my coveted accounting internship in Toronto this summer, I knew that I needed to build on my business wardrobe before the job began.  I had been to recruiting and networking events in increasing frequency since I started at Western University, but my closet still only had a few separate pieces of business formal clothes.  Somehow, my poor-fitting blazer didn't turn away the recruiters when I interviewed for my internship!

I got up to run just as it was getting light out.  Not sunny though, unfortunately, as it was a warm and snowy/rainy day.  It was especially nice to not wear so many layers to stay warm!

A few hours later, the two of us left the house to head into the city.  Unfortunately, you can't do a great deal of shopping in my small town of 4000 people, but Ottawa is a short trip away.
This dress from SmartSet was one of my favourite purchases of the day!

I also found amazing work clothes at H&M.  That's where the bulk of my shopping was done.  After a big dent in the VISA, I was pretty much mentally done shopping but not ready to head home.  So next we went to David's Tea... yumm.  I had Happy Kombucha to-go and my mom got Toasted Walnut.  (I have never found a tea that I don't like yet!)

I always try the samples and I don't think I am alone :)

We got lunch with our tea at Moxie's.  Sadly, we were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture but I promise you that my Red Pepper Bisque soup and Turkey Club looked as great as it tasted.  My mom got a Veggie Burger which you will soon learn is her favourite thing to order at any restaurant.

Our server's name was Taylor which my mom thought was a funny coincidence and therefore an excellent photo op.  I humoured her by taking a picture so why not share it with you all.  That meal was a delicious refuelling after a marathon day of shopping!

The rest of the day was uneventful though.  We got home, checked out our purchases, and just enjoyed the time to relax and caught up on the Olympics.

Are you fans of David's Tea? If so, which tea is your favourite?

Have you been watching the Olympics religiously? Suddenly, the Olympics come on and I am a fan of every single winter sport!